Dr. Anuradha Iyer


Dr. Anuradha Iyer is a practicing physician in Gurgaon. She has completed her MD In Physiology and is currently teaching as Professor and HOD, Physiology, at Sudha Rustagi College of Dental Sciences, Faridabad. She has vast experience in research on yoga, meditation and stress management. She has been practicing as Family Physician for many years now.





Dr. Rohit Garg

VP, Lifeskills:-

Sonal Datt Verma, VP, Lifekills Consulting is an addiction counsellor and counselling trainer. He currently straddles the twin responsibilities of heading up counselling and Cognitive Behavior Therapy funtions at Lifeskills Consulting’s rehabilitation centre while managing counsellor training and counselling strategy at Safehouse Wellness Retreat. With his relaxed pace and soft speaking he puts addicts and alcoholics completely at ease before getting them to look with ruthless honesty at their deceptive patterns of self-destruction.

Sonal schooled in prestigious institutions including The Lawrence School, Sanawar and St. Paul’s. Darjeeling. A Microsoft Certified software professional with astute people skills his 15 year long corporate career in organizations like Wipro Spectramind, Xylys India, Jupiter E Services, Lighthouse Partners and Bry Air Asia led him to an introspective phase when he focussed on his artistic talents. Having experimented with crayons, pencils and water colours, he chose oil on canvas as his preferred medium to create works that portray his feel for nature. A prolific body of work spanning more than 100 paintings were created, exhibited and well received by curators and critics alike.

Sonal is trained in martial arts and has a passion for fitness. His interests in music range from western classical to rock, pop, jazz, blues and hip hop. A deceptively young father of a 16 year old, Sonal has a don’t fix it if it ain’t broke attitude to life, work and recovery.



Dr. Rohit Garg

CEO & Founder, Lifeskills:-

Meena Iyer, CEO and founder of Lifeskills Consulting is a psychologist, reiki master,hypnotherapist and motivational trainer. She currently manages Lifeskills Consulting’s rehabilitation centre and heads the holistic healing function. At a place where healing addicts and alcoholics with dignity is the prime objective, she conducts sessions that help them identify core issues stemming from the sub-conscious mind.

Meena is an English Literature graduate with a post-graduation in Journalism and mass communication. She played a successful innings in the corporate world in an 18 year long career in advertising sales with brands such as The Times of India and Cartoon Network. Meena then armed herself with a Masters degree in psychology and completed Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living before she chose to go into motivational training. She designs and executes transformational training programs for Breakthroughs in Self Development for students and employed professionals.

A strong believer in the mind body connect, Meena conducts Reiki and Hypnotherapy from her home clinic to provide solutions for physical, mental or emotional issues. She teaches Reiki levels I and II and leads guided meditation classes.Meena holds a Visharad degree in Hindustani Classical Music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. Her hobbies include reading and fitness other than cooking for her family and friends. Meena is blessed with two sons ages 20 and 17 .